Tuxie Toosday Too! T-cubed

We liked Daisy Mae Maus' idea of Tuxie Tuessday Too, or T-cubed, so much that we's gonna to Toosday for Tuxies insteada Thursdays. Confusin huh? hehehe Sowwy bout that. Boni's gonna be our T-cubed kitty today. So heeeeeeeeere's Boni!

Boni's cellybratin T-cubed AND Tummy Toosday
(I fink she's just showin off! hehehe)

If you wants to see about a day for your color or breed of kitty, check the Cat Blogosphere weekend news (about halfway down the post) for the latest. And if your color or breed of cat isn't listed, you can start a day for your kinda kitty! Woo hoo! Just let us know at the Cat Blogosphere that you're gonna start it, and we'll post it so efurrycat knows!

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

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