Oct 13, 2006

Please Help Mini Get Treats


Hey, Mini. ~~ Boni

Yeah, Boni? ~~ Mini

We're hosting the Carnival of the Cats this weekend! On Sunday! ~~ Boni

Oh yeah? Why? Does it involve treats? ~~ Mini

It's fun! ~~ Boni

Oh. Then there must be treats involved. ~~ Mini

Treats! Is that all you ever think of Mini?!?! ~~ Boni

Well, I think of crunchies and tuna and ofur foods too. Oh, and getting pets and scritches, those too. ~~ Mini

:: covers face with paws :: Oh Mini, what are we going to do with you? ~~ Boni
Feed me? ~~ Mini

:: sighs :: OK Mini, lemme go talk with Mom. ~~ Boni

Mini takes a cat nap while waiting for Boni. Boni comes back with her tail quivering excitedly.

Hey Mini! ~~ Boni

:: Mini opens one eye :: Yeah, Boni? ~~ Mini

Mom said you can have one treat for efurry cat that's in the carnival! ~~ Boni

:: Mini hops up, instantly wide awake :: Whoa!!! Cool!!! It DOES involve treats!!! ~~ Mini

Woo hoooooooooooo! ~~ Mini

:: shakes head :: You're too much, Mini. ~~ Boni

Naw, I'm just right! Now lemme go tell all our furriends to join the Carnival of the Cats this weekend so's I gets a lotta treats. ~~ Mini

PLEASE! Please! PLEASE! Please help me get more treats! I love treats! Just send your catblogging URL to submissions (at) carnivalofthecats.com or use The BlogCarnival submission form. Use the form, it's easy! hehehe Fank you lots!

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