Oct 9, 2006

Midnight Monday on Columbus Day

It's Midnight Monday for us black cats. And efun tho I live at the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats, I'm the only all black cat. Yay for me! Rascal is the head BK (black kitty) of Midnight Monday sorta, altho is was Cocoa's idea originally, so go see if he's got his Midnight Monday post up. (I'm posting reallllllllllly early hehehe) If you've got a Midnight Monday post, let me know in the comments, and I'll linky to it so efurrycat can see us handsum BK's.

Here I am on the back deck a few days ago supervising the move of our food bowls and igloo to the deck. Grandma says I have bedroom eyes, whatever that is, but I can see just fine thanks.

Other Midnight Monday Cats (Updated as I find out about their posts): Rascal, Grr, Midnight and Cocoa, House Panthers, Blackie, Buzzerbee & Meep, Emperor Nero
It's also Meezer Monday, so check with Mao to see if they're meezering it up.

Mom says it's Columbus day, too. Seems that guy gets all the credit for discoverin' America, when some Norse guy had discovered it long time before that. And on top of that, the guy's name was Cristóbol Colón, not Christopher Columbus. Maybe most 'mericans can't say his real name. Beans are weird with their holidays for sure. Happy Columbus Day anyways. I like it because Mom gets to have an extra weekend day since she can't ship out packages, and that means more scritches for me.


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