Oct 6, 2006

Me? Cat of the Day?

Wow! I'm Cat of the Day! I can't believe it. Just a couple years ago I had mean ole people who hardly fed me and then they moved away and left me and my buddy Pepi! Now I have nice cat staff who pets me and feeds me efurry single day. And gives me treats! (Now I know why all you guys talk about those Temp-tay-shuns! YUM!) Since I still like livin outside most of the time, they set up a kitty igloo and a shelter thingy for the food bowls and all. I'm a happy Gree. :)

Here I am instructing the cat staff how to set up the igloo on the back deck. We usta have it on the front porch, but it's safer back here. With the big fence, stray dogs can't get in here. Yay!

Don't forget about the Friday Ark and Frootbat Friday too!
But I'm Cat of the Day. Woo hoo!

Gree (and that's my buddy Pepi beside my pic below)