Oct 2, 2006


Look what I found! A nice comfy basket thingy for sleeping in. It's all the way at the top of this thing that used to smell like glue so I can keep an eye on efurrything. I've put my stinky rub all ofur it and tried out lots of sleeping positions already. It's furry comfy and cozy. I LIKE this!

Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

Since it's starting to cool off, Grandma and Mom are starting to get our stuff ready for winter. Me and Pepi refuse to live inside, so her and Mom set up nice things to help keep us comfy during the winter. Like a little shelter thingy for our food bowls so they don't get all rained on and make our crunchies soggy. And we have our igloo to snuggle in and stay warm! Grandma cleaned out the igloo today to get it ready for winter and she put nice snuggly towels in it for us too. Purrrrrrrrr We like that lots. And I saw in the sunroom window that they got our litterbox handy for when it's real real cold and we go inside for the night. I overheard Grandma and Mom talking and they said they're going to put a kitty bed inside our igloo too, and some sort of shiny thing to reflect warmness back to us. Mom said she found the heated water bowl too and put it where she can get it out easy when it gets cold enough to use it. We'll be all ready when it gets cold!

Now I'm going over to visit my bestest girl friend Mistrie. The rest of the Hot(M)BC gang is coming to, so they can help Patches, Mittens and Precious sit on their Mom so she doesn't overdo it while she's recovering from her eye surgery. I hope Sanjee doesn't squash Mom Toni! She's a big girl. Sanjee, not Mom Toni.

~~ Gree

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty