Sep 1, 2006

Where is the flashy box when you need it?

Mom's always pointing the flashy box at us when SHE wants to. But when I'd like to show off the purresent I brought Mom, does she point the flashy box? No! She doesn't have it wif her when I want to show off. What's a cat to do? I'll furrgive her since she hasn't been feelin good. But I sure wish she'd take pikshurs of my catches.

See, I caught this tasty birdy for Mom cuz she's been feeling icky with her back hurting. I brought it to her on the porch. Grandma made squeaky noises when she saw my purresent for Mom, but Mom fanked me very nicely and told me what a Great Hunter I am. Mom said she didn't have much appetite for birdy cuz of the medicines the bean V-E-T gave her, but she really appreciated the thought. I'm so purroud. :)

Pepi the Great Hunter

A note from Mom Robyn
Thanks everycat and everybean for your good wishes and get well purrs. My back is healing up bit by bit. I felt lucky it was just a pulled muscle and not anything serious. The meds keep knocking me out, though! LOL Fortunately I can stop taking the worst knock out stuff after tomorrow. I can't wait. I really don't think my life should require quite *that* much sleep. Obviously I wouldn't be a proper cat, thinking that. LOL Thanks again for all your purrs and get well wishes. And by the way, I didn't eat the Temptations ;)
Love and Light,

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