Sep 19, 2006

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Pepi the PirateIt's Talk Like a Pirate Day, yall! So ... um... avast ye mateys n stuff. hehehe We's gotta go to that site an learn how to talk like a pirate proper. Don't you fink Pepi is a furry handsome pirate? Arrrrrrrrrr! He do! Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Do our bloggin cats linkies ofur there on the right look weird to you? Well we tried to fix them and put our kitty furriends names on them. It's so much easier to look for our furriends than to try to 'member our kitty furriends and their blog names. We finks, anyways.

Mom Toni of the Big Piney Woods has her surgery later today (it's just past midnight now hehehe). We're sendin lots and lotsa purrs and purrayers to her and her fambly. We all can't wait til she's back home and all recovered!

Anofur Contest

We tooooooooold Mommy the last contest was too hard, but she wouldn't listen. But now she's listenin! She putted up a new contest on her site for Halloween! A Halloween Costume Contest! You just gotta send a pikshure of you in your costume, and you can win! Lots of yall already got dressed up costumes you did for Skeezix's Hat contest. So this contest should be lots and lots easier. (We told her! sheesh) Kitties and buns and beans and fluffies of all kinds can enter to win. But no icky mean pikshures or kitty p-o-r-n or ofur bad stuff. Go see the contest page and you can enters if you wants to. You could win free joolry or these weird things wif pictures on this page (not the kitties tho!)

Does anycat know what an Eye of Newt is anyways? And why would anycat put frog toes in a jar? Beans are strange.

~~ Sanjee
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

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