Sep 6, 2006

Secret Paws Pikshurs

We decided that blogger must be skeered of all us cats, cuz it let us upload a squillion Secret Paws pikshurs today. It musta thought we were going to put the bitey on it. hehehe

Sanjee's Secret Paws from Scooby, Shaggy and Scout
Fank you LOTS guys!

Oh hey looky, it's for me!

What's in it? It smells good!

Ohhhhhhhhh crinkly stuff! I loves crinkly stuff!

There's balls and mousies and whatchamacallit thingies. Wow!
Scooby, Shaggy and Scout are wondermous Secret Paws!

What Grandma? A mousie gotted away?

Heyyyyyyyyy, get back here mousie!

Ha! Gotcha!


Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Boni and Mini's Secret Paws
Boni says Fank you LOTS and LOTS Jake, Spot, Casper, Gabrielle & Mom Danielle
Mini says Fank you LOTS and LOTS Luna and Luna's Mom

You mean we finally get to open these Boni?

"Yep, Mini, but we need Mom to help out with those opposable thumbs of hers!"

Mini peeks into Boni's box of goodies.
"Wow Boni! Lookit all this cool stuff!"

"Mini, the box is so full I think I'm gonna faint!"

"Boni? Boni? Are you ok Boni?"
"Ohhhhhhhh that's some good nip," purrs Boni.

"Oh yeah, I'm just super, Mini. Really.
I mean lookie all these goodies!
Mom make my cat grass grow will ya?
And the purrty colors!"

"You're silly, Boni! I'm gonna open mine now," says Mini.

"Mine's from Luna. She sented it before she got lost."
*kitty sighs*
"Maybe if I lay on it and purr for a while,
it'll send her extra find her way energies."

"Wow, Mini, look at all the loot!"
"Yeah, Boni, efun goodies to show where Luna's house is. Maybe
I should send this postycard to the forest so she can find her way home."

"Miceys on springs and fev-ver toys and a wand toy and Spanish stinky goodness!
And lookie, a fan for Mom!"
*whispers* "Mom'll need that when she gets those hot flashy things."

"Hey, can I play with this mousie on a spring of yours, Mini?"

"Sure stoney Boni. We got lotsa goodies to share!"

Fank You Lots and Lots Jake and Spot and Casper and Gabrielle
and Mom Danielle and Luna and Luna's Mom!
Yall are super duper Secret Paws!

Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

Since me and Pepi didn't get to do Secret Paws, we got a surprise from Mom. She gave us stinky goodness! Twice! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Fishy flavors. Yum yum! This is better than crunchies Mom. We will eat this all the time! What? No? It's a treat? Max doesn't think so! Oh well, it was a yummy treat. :)

I'm goin ofur to see Mistrie now to see how she's doing with that new cat around. Gotta look after my bestest furriend, ya know.