Sep 23, 2006

Oh oh

My typist (Mommy) is on strike. I hadda borry anofur one to write this! She's losted her marbles too! (See, lookit that crazy pikshur of her!) And it's all blogger's fault! I'd comed home from the Meezers to do my reggylar weekend cat news and she was helpin me type. Then blogger maded the browser choke. Mommy couldn't get back to save her typin, and she sorta lost it. Not just the typin, she losted her marbles too! She's been dancin round in the funny hat squawkin bout bein cursed by pirate blogger n stuff. I guess I'll do the cat news tomorry. If I can find a typist. I fink I's goin back to see my boyfriendcat Miles now. It sounds safer.

~~ Sanjee
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty