Sep 7, 2006

New House (Online)

The House of the (Mostly) Black Cats is online wif our new website now!
Did I tell ya that a'fore? I can't remembers. Oops. hehehe Anyways, Mommy helped us get it started and it's up now! And we gots a newsletter you can sign up for. We'll be puttin more cool cats stuff on it too. If you wanna visit, clicky the pikshur or clicky here.

Also, Beau calleded us tonight! On the tellyfone! We was furry happy to hear from him cuz we was wonderin why he hadn't blogged none since Munday and was he ok. He's OK! :) But his puter is hafin tek-ni-kal difficulties and he can't blog til it gets fixed. He said he hopes his mommy's gonna haf it fixed by this weekend sumtime. We's keepin our paws crossed for him. Tek-ni-kal difficulties are no fun at all.

AND Patches and Mittens are visitin. :) They's such furry nice furriends. They needed a break frum the new poodin in the house, so's we invited them ofur. We's shared nip n stinky goodness n crunchies and taked naps and showeded them around. I efun let Patches and Mittens sit on my ironin board! On my furry own blankie!

Mommy's purromised to put our new cat tree together tonight or tomorrow. I fink it's gonna be tomorry cuz she's been makin noises bout w**k togefur wif the words "all night" and stuff. Oh well. She's gotta earn the crunchies someways I guess.

~~ Sanjee
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty