Sep 4, 2006

A Labor Day Story

(Why Mom Doesn't Go Anywhere on Labor Day Any More)

When I was a lil kitten

Rikki, a kitty that used to own Mommy, tolded me the story bout why Mommy doesn't go anywheres on Labor Day weekend.

(Rikki dopted Mommy's friend Milty instead when
Mommy and Milty were roommates cuz Milty shares his Fish!)

See, long long time ago when Mommy was not much past a kitten,she wented down to Furrginia Beach to see a furriendon Labor Day weekend.She had a lil car kinda like dis one but it was silver.

Mommy hadded a good time visiting her furriend, but she hadded to go home on Monday to go back to that bad word w**k the next day.

Mommy was drivin 'long and dere was lotsa traffice, when a BIG TRUCK (kinda like dis one in the pikture) came up the highway.

The Big Truck jus moved ofur to get into Mommy's lane and HITTED Mommy's Lil Car!!!

Mommy tolded Rikki that she looked out the winder and all she could see was the Big Tire of the Big Truck and it was pushin her Lil Car offa the road! So Mommy just letted it cuz she was so amazed it was just pushin her sideways and didn't crunch her to lil bits. The Big Truck didn't efun stop tho or nothin! That maded Mommy furry mad, and her Lil Car was still workin, so she chased down the Big Truck and honked and hollered and maded it pull ofur. Anofer car stopped and saided he'd seen the Big Truck hit Mommy's Lil Car wifout stoppin and he'd called the policeys.

The man drivin the Big Truck was skeered of Mommy cuz she was hollerin at him how he coulda killed her and he was lucky she didn't get smudged all ofur the highway. So he hided in his truck til the policeys came.

The policeys talked to Mommy and the man in the Big Truck and the guy in the Other Car, and wroted lots of paperworks. While Mr. Policey was writing paperworks, more policeys camed and made ALL the cars and trucks on the highway stop behind where Mommy and the ofurs were stopped on the side of the highway.

Then two more policey cars chased a car right up the grasseys in the middle of the highway and maded them stop behind the first policeys. Mommy didn't know what was goin on.

Then the first policeys told Mommy and the guy in the Big Truck they'd better Leave Fast cuz there was gonna be Shooting from the car that was drivin on the grass a'fore!!! So Mommy leaved real real fast cuz she didn't want to be shotted!

So that's why Mommy doesn't go anywheres on Labor Day weekend. She stays home wif us instead! Yay!

(I just wish she didn't hug me so much. I'm not a huggy cat.)

We hopes all our furriends and their famblies hadded a safe n happy hollyday weekend!

~~ Sanjee
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Update by Mom Robyn (11:22pm): A few details Sanjee left out. In the car vs big truck accident, no one was hurt, which was great. My car even only had a big moosh mark on the front quarter panel and the side mirror was broken. I was so very blessed that the truck hit my car at just the right angle to push me sideways rather than flip me over. The truck driver turned out to be very nice and hadn't stopped because he'd only heard a thump that made him think he'd run over a box. Rather than put him at risk of losing his livelihood, I agreed to let him pay me personally instead of reporting it to the insurance companies. He was very grateful and worked with me on getting it fixed and paid for without a single complaint.
The expected shooting was because the folks in the car driving on the grass were in volved with drugs/drug running of some sort and the police had been chasing them for over 50 miles before they managed to trap and stop them! As far as I know, there was no shooting ultimately, but I wasn't going to stick around to find out!)

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