Sep 27, 2006

It was a purrty day...

...and me and Gree were out on the walk just taking it kinda easy.

Mom came out the door, so I ran up on the porch to see her.
She petted me, then went back inside. I thought she was going to get me treats!

But what she brought out made me go like this...

It was the evil carrier! Not that!!!

So I had to go to the V-E-T. *sigh*
I meowed some on the way in the car, but Mom talked to me a lot and that made me feel some better. We got to the place and she reminded me that our V-E-T is a furry nice man, even tho he's a V-E-T. Well yeah, he is. I only got stabbed once!!! I thought I was gonna get stabbed at least twice cuz he usually stabs me twice. I lucked out with only one stab. He petted me too and said I was a good boy. My ears were already healing up on their own since Monday when Mom saw them being icky again. That's why I only got stabbed once. Something about a bad-temper shot. One stab isn't quite so bad, so it's ok. I behaved good on the way home too, and Mom gave me treats AND dinner. Yum! So now I look like this again.

(So don't worry, KC! I'm ok!)

Pepi the Great Hunter

PS. Our V-E-T really is a good bean. He looks after all kinds of critters, even the wildlife critters at Maymont and the police woofies. So if you live near Richmond, VA, we recommend him as the tops!

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch 12/5/04
Frances, a tiny 4-week-old kitten, was in a huge amount of pain when she came to the Brook Run Animal Clinic in September.

Her right hind leg was crushed, broken in so many places that the clinic's owner, Dr. Mike Zuccaro, wasn't sure the limb could be saved.

Because the kitten belonged to no one - she was dropped off at the Henrico pound - the easiest and cheapest solution would have been to euthanize Frances. But like so many times before, Zuccaro couldn't turn his back on an animal in need.

"I don't want to see them suffer," Zuccaro said. "That's what it comes down to."

So Zuccaro did the doctoring for free, working for several weeks to try to save the leg. In the end, he had to amputate it.

From C.A.R.E.'s Home Page 9/27/06
Newman the cat was found with all of his legs and feet in horrible condition, swollen and full of puss and infection. It was thought from the nature of his injuries that he had been thrown from a vehicle. The vet feared all 4 legs might require amputation and so gave little hope that he could be saved. The wonderful vet, Dr. Zuccaro, did everything he could and kept the cat at his clinic for a month or more. Newman pulled through and eventually lost only one leg. He is doing fine now and is happily living a wonderful life with his loving guardian Mrs. P.

And Mom says that Dr Z gets the good guy award for having a great sense of humor. Years ago, around the time Sanjee had her ladigardenectomy, Mom had severe fibroids and hormonal problems, but the bean docs refused to do anything. So Mom asked Dr. Z if he would spay her as well as Sanjee. She admits that Dr. Z looked at her a bit funny, but his response was, "Sorry, I don't do humans. Try MCV Hospital." You've got class Dr. Z!