Sep 8, 2006

Honorary Hot(M)BC Catizen

Guess who our new honorary House of the (Mostly) Black Cats catizen is? It's our furriend Brandi!

Brandi is a speshul furriend cuz we's been talkin to her and her Mommy and cats and their beans from all 'round the Cat Blogosphere has been helpin them out while her Mommy looks for a jobby.

YAY for the Bloggin Cats and their Beans for that!

One of our furriends emailed bout can they still donate (cuz Brandi's Mom Carol is still lookin for a jobby and they still needs help) by PayPal or somefing. YES! You can donate here any time, and now Mommy h as purromised to Express Mail donashuns efurry week so's they get to Brandi and Mom Carol really fast. We wants to help them be ok til Mom Carol can find a jobby! We putted a linky on the sidebar of our bloggy too, so's anycat or bean can find it easy any time too. :)
We luvs all our furriends and want anycat who wants to be an honorary catizen to let us know! We putted a new page just for our honorary catizens on our site. If you wanna be an honorary catizen, Mommy will make you a badge and you can efun use it on your bloggy or website. Just email us! Oh, and you don't gotta be a black or light black cat to be an honorary catizen. We luvs our furriends that are all colors!

We luvs our fluffy friends (and scaly n human n stuff) too. So if you's a not-a-cat but wanna be an honorary fluffizen (or scalizen or beanizen) that's neato too! Mommy said she'd make the right kinda badge for you efun if you's not a cat. Just email us and we'll get it figgered out an fix up a page n stuff.

Luvs, All of us
Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

UPDATES 10:52pm EDT:
Oh yeah, this is Friday and we're cats and we're blogging. So it's Friday Cat Bloggin too! hehehe

Plus, We are furry concerned about our furriend Chatham. Stop by and leave him a note?
*sandpaper kisses*

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