Aug 15, 2006

The Squillions Are Ready

The kitties from the Litter of Squillions paused
for a catsgroup hug before getting in their carriers to go to their
furever homes. Me and Mini got into the group hug too, at first,
but only the tip of my tail (bottom right) was caught on film.

MinMin volunteered to get into her carrier first, provided her
Green Wall Shelter "blankie" came with her. Brave kitty!
Some of the kitties wanted their shelter blankies to come with them
and some didn't. We let them decide.

Mini says goodbye to her namesake MinMin.
MinMin promises to email after she gets to her furever home.

Mini supervises the Squillions getting into their carriers to make
sure that everycat gets in safely. Mini is furry relieved since
MinMin told her that 'ramic kitties can hold their breaths for a
looooooooong time without any ill effects, since the Squillions
are wrapped tight to travel safely in their carriers.

The Squillions are ready in their carriers!

Mom is going to try to get all the carriers to the post office in the morning. She said she can't make a purromise, though, because it depends on the weather. Poor Mom keeps getting heat sick and it makes her asthma real bad sometimes when it's hot and muggy. She said she'll get half of them on their way at least, cuz she can get half of them to the car in one trip without getting all sicky feeling if it's nasty outside. And if she has to do that, the other half will head out the next day, she said.

Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

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