Aug 12, 2006

Saturday is Caturday


Me and Pepi didn't get to put up our 5 weird things AND we didn't get to do Secret Paws. No fair. Aren't we as weird and giving as the cats who live inside? Well I made Mom purromise to let us do Secret Paws next time. And Boni heard me telling Mom so she said she'd share with me and Pepi. Wasn't that nice? Boni is furry nice. She said she'd make Mini and Sanjee share too. heheh

Mine and Pepi's 5 Weird Things

Me (Gree)
1. I can tell the sound of Mom's and Grandma's cars from down the street.
2. I won't eat from my ceramic bowl if Fatty or Grayboy is around. But I'll eat from the plastic bowl if they're around.
3. I like sleeping in the cat igloo when it's hot.
4. I can go from the back porch to the front porch faster than Grandma can walk through the house in the mornings.
5. My best friend Pepi is a boy but he's not my boyfriend. (Well, my best friend Mistrie is a girl but she's not my girlfriend neither!)

1. Pepi is allergic to fleas and skeeters. Especially skeeters.
2. Pepi will talk to Mom or Grandma, but not both at the same time.
3. Pepi is a good hunter. He catches lots of birds but they usually fly away right after.
4. Pepi actually likes Mini. 'Course she doesn't hiss at him.
5. Pepi is smaller than me, but he moves slower. Mom says he's laid back.

Mine and Pepi's 5 weird things :)
~~ Gree


Back Home

I haded fun wif Meeko and Kiara! They're such nice furriends to visit. And they didn't have a hyper sister to hide from neither! An I'm not gonna tell what we did. Just like Gree! hehehe

Mommy fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally went shopping for our Secret Paws pressies. Sheesh I fought she'd never take our list to the store and get our Secret Paws stuff. I fink she felt kinda bad tho cuz we got ours in the mail and she hadn't done our shoppin yet. She *says* she's gonna send the Secret Paws stuff out next week. We'll see mmm hmmm.

Mom was gonna send the Squillions out this past week but then she got sicky. Not bad bad sicky but bad enough. She hadded a tummy bug kinda like Mini gets. She efun felled asleep on the human litterbox one night cuz of it. Ewwwwwwwwww She said to say to yall that she's furry sorry she couldn't send them out, dat she'd MUCH rathera not been sicky.

~~ Sanjee
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Gun Moll

Our furriend Skeezix asked what a gun moll is and if the Food Ladey was one. A Gun Moll is a Gangster's girlfriend! That's cuz a gangster is also called a "gun" like a "hired gun" and a moll is a girlfriend. I don't know if the Food Ladey is a gun moll tho. Is Mr. Tastey Face a gangster? Maybe Skeezix should ask.

Other kitty friends asked bout my Mom the gun moll too. I'll try to answer as good as I can.
Meezers, Mom's name is Robyn. Gun Moll is a title or maybe a job description, kinda like a Bishop or somefin.

"Ummmmmm.......nice legs?"

And fanks all of yall who said nice and neato things bout Mom bein a gun moll. She said to tell you fanks too.
I tried to get in the bag with the Secret Paws stuff that Mom finally got. Mom and Grandma laughed and said Mom must have done good shopping. I think so!

Hey Mom, when do we get to open our Secret Paws? They're all here!

~~ Boni
Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni


I should never have said nothing about my ears healing. Now they're getting icky again! I'm scared that means I'm gonna get stuck in the box again and hauled off to be stabbed. *sigh* Wish me luck, fellow poodins. I don't want bad ears, but I don't want to get stabbed neither.

~~ Pepi

I just had to say hi cuz efurrycat else was saying something.
So HI!

~~ Mini

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