Aug 16, 2006

Puter Poopies

The puter was poopie this morning. Mom was NOT happy bout that. She had to spend over 4 hours workin on it. We cats decided it was smart to hide far away from the puter, cuz Mom gets right cranky when she has to work on it. She says that's cuz she has to be like a pretzel and squish furry small to get under the desk to work on it. (In the picture, the box part of the puter can hardly been seen cuz of the chair!!!) She got it fixed tho! So then it was safe to come out again.

A'course, then we saw Edsel and Abby's comments that they were seeing the black box on the left going over on top of our posts. Mom didn't scream when we told her to fix it, which was good. She muttered about Internet Explorer being a poopie browser, though, cuz it only did that mess up in that browser. *giggles* And she went and got it fixed. Yay! You may have to reload or refresh the page to see it fixed, tho.

We think efurrything is ok now with the puter. We're going to hide, tho, if it acts up again. It's just not safe to be around Mom when she's being a squished puter-fixing pretzel!

~~ Boni
Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

PS. Debra, Mom said we use premium Haloscan for our comments and that's how we get the picture on the comments page. She didn't know if their free version would do that or not, but premium is cheap anyways, a whole $1 a month.


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