Aug 8, 2006

Mom Gun Moll

I can't believe what I found! Look at this old pikture of Mom. It's about a squillion years old, but it's her.

You can click the pikture to biggify it.

My Mom was a gun moll too! Wow! I guess it's like a family tradition or somefing. I don't think that's a bottle of russianless white russians she's got there, though. I covered up the gangster's face cuz he was a bad gangster or somefing, but anyways Mom's not his gun moll any more. I guess I'm luckier since I have a super gangster, Edsel.

Boni, Tuxedo Gun Moll in the Finest Family Tradition of Gun Molls
Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

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