Aug 1, 2006

It's Purrthday Time!

I's FIVE today! Boy I feels all growed up now. Mommy hadta guess my exact purrthday, but she figgered it out from hold old the V-E-T said I was when I 'dopted her. An since the rest of the gang doesn't know the dates of their purrthdays, Mommy says we all share a purrthday. Mini an Boni are 7 and Pepi and Gree are 6! Grandma says we's havin our little home party here this weekend. That's okies cuz it's too hot to do nuffin today. Grandma's makin us salmon cake for our purrthday! And tuna water! Yay! I's lucky I gots such a good grandma. :)
~~ Sanjee
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

~~ Gree

And no, I'm not tellin bout my 'ventures wif Mistrie n all. Too hot to tell stories too.

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