Aug 30, 2006

Helpful Cats

Cats are furry helpful, yanno. Mom's back is hurty, so today we're helpin her wif her work an stuff.

Mini is soopervising.

Boni is inspecktin joolry before it goes out.

I am helpin Mommy take pikshurs.

Pepi and Gree are helpin clear off the steps so's Mommy don't trip when she goes to the posty office wif packiges.

And Mommy's bean furriend Milty is helpin drive her to the posty office. But we don't gots a piksure of him that we's allowed to post.

Later we'll help Mommy more by sittin on her and purrin so her backy's all better. We may have to do that for a day or two to make it all better. We may efun haf to share our treatsies wif her. We'll be back to the bloggysphere when Mommy's all better and we's helped her out. We luvs yall!

~~ Sanjee
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

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