Aug 5, 2006

Big day round here

Firstest, the cable innernet thingy got fixed! Maybe efun perminantly, cuz they found a bad connector thingy and replaced it. Mommy is FURRY happy bout that. So's we cuz we can post again. Plus, we didn't like Mommy runnin round pullin her head fur out. She's almost furless as it is! We don want her to be all the way bald!

Secondest, Mommy wonders bout that bad connector thingy. Did some of the squillions play too rough wif it maybe? Cuz right round the time the innernet went weirdy, a couple a the squillions disappeared! They 'scaped right outta the house! Mommy was worried til she hearded from Beau's Mommy that they'd showed up to visit her and Beau. We's all glad they's safe. Hathi's home now n Ginny n Gigi will stay there til they gets 'dopted, we finks. (Course they may 'scape from there too hehehe)

Thirdest, the carriers came for the squillions!!! They's all dancin round and wantin to head to their new homeses. They's gonna stay for our salmon cake purrthday party this weekend tho. Gee, that's not a surprise, cats stayin to eat fishes!

~~ Sanjee
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty
Hot hot hot hot

It got sooooooooooooo hot that Mom and Grandma let me and Pepi inside to cool off. We got to lounge in the sunroom mosta the last few days, and go out at night when it's been cooler. We efun spented one night inside it was so hot! I hearded the bean tv sayin it was record breakin hot. I believe it. I've never been so hot in my whole entire life. Maybe Mom isn't so bad even tho she took me to the V-E-T. We got extra treatsies while we were inside, too! (BIG purrrrrrrs)

But Gree hogged the treatsies.

I did NOT.

You did too!

I'll show you hoggin treatsies next time!

~~ Gree & Pepi


A note from Mom Robyn - I'll try to get the squillions in their carriers early in the week. But my father is in the hospital with severe heart problems and surgery recovery again. He's still on a ventilator and in ICU and is having a heck of a time recovering from bypass and aortic graft repair (the latter unexpected) on this past Monday. So if he gets better and can go home, I may need to go help, or if he gets worse, I may need to go visit, all of which could happen on a moment's notice. So please be patient with me and the squillions. They'll all head out as soon as we can make it happen. Thanks :)

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