Jul 6, 2006

TWO Icky Rumors

I heard TWO Icky rumors.

Mom looked at my nose and ears and said they's gettin bad again so I got to get a cortyzone shot to make them better. *sigh* I don't want a cortyzone shot. The stinky tube stuff is supposed to keep the buggies from making my ears and nose all icky. Why isn't it working? She should take that stuff back and get new that works right. If I got to get a cortyzone shot, that means I have to go to the V-E-T again! YUKKKK! Sometime soon I figure Mom's going to stuff me in the box and haul me away. I hope she doesn't forget and leave me there.

The second icky rumor is Mom said she's going to take a picture of my bad nose and bad ears and put it on the blog. Oh nooooooooo! I don't want all the cute girl kitties seeing me with a bad nose and bad ears. Don't she know we cats have our pride??? *sigh* I'm sort of hoping the flashy box breaks or runs away til my ears and nose are all better.

Keep your paws crossed for me.


We haded a good 4th of July. Nobody in the neighborhood made loud noises. Yay! So me n Pepi didn't have to hide in the bushes all night. THAT is a good 4th of July. The inside kitties agree. Funny, they agree, but I *am* a Gree. hehe

Pepi's grouchy cuz of his nose and ears being icky. Don't tell him I said so, but he's still handsome anyways.

~~ Gree

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