Jul 26, 2006


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The printer thingy is dead. Long live the printer thingy!

I camed outta hidin when it got quiet again for a long time. No more flyin things and stuff. (See my posty from yesterday if you don't knows what I mean.) The printer thingy was layin on its top in the hall with bits un'tached. I's glad that wasn't me!! I like all my bits 'tached! Mommy was nowheres to be seen.

One of those thumpin noiseys I hearded musta been Mommy leavin cuz she camed back wif a big box. It hadded a new purrinter in it! Mommy didn't seem too happy bout it tho. She saided that some boxes for custymers was gonna be late cuz of it and her checkbook thingy was empty now. I tried to tell her jus to go to the bank place cuz they gots money and get some there for her checkbook thingy. She doesn't speak meow too good tho. The old purinter thingy disappeared. I finks maybe they buried it in the back yard. I'll look out the window to see if there's a new grave marker thingy.

I's glad it's all peaceful again tho. I don't like all that crazy stuff.

~~ Sanjee (not hidin no more)
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

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