Jul 24, 2006

No Bribes and stuff

Sanjee: Mommy, let's promise to give efurryone who votes for our blog a bag of catnip.

Mean Ole Mom (MoM): Sanjee, what did I tell you about bribing folks?

Sanjee: You tolded me somefin about bribin?

MoM: *coughs* Yes, and I'm sure you remember it.

Sanjee: *scuffs paw on the carpet* Um. Somefin bout nefur any good if you gots to bribe.

MoM: Yes, Sanjee. And what else?

Sanjee: There's more?!?

MoM: Yes, Sanjee. You're a very smart kitty. I'm sure you can remember the rest.

Sanjee: Um. Well. Um.

Boni (whispers): It's not polite.

Sanjee: Oh! Bribin is not polite!

MoM: Very good, Boni. And Sanjee, try to remember that on your own next time.

Sanjee: Yes, Mommy. *kitty sighs*
We won't bribe you wif nuffin. But we'd furry much appreciate it.

Our Names

We readed Squilliam's and Edsel's and ofur kitties posts bout secret names. We gots some names we get called. Ofur than "No!" and "Hey, stop that!" efun!

Sanjee: Sanjee-pooh, Pooh-Pooh, Miss Sanjee, Miss Queen Bee, Sanjee Maranjee, Miss Black Whiskers

Boni Maroni: Miss Macaroni, Macaroni, Boni-Moni, Miss Big Eyes, Boni-Pooh, Pooh-Pooh (Grandma calls us all that sometimes!)

Mini: Mini the Moocher, Not-s0-skinny Mini, MinMin, Mini-Pooh, Pooh-Pooh, Minimini

Gree: Greebee, Gree Cat, Gree the Cat, Gree Girl

Pepi: Peps, Pepster, Pepperoni, Pepperoonie, Pepi the Cat, Pep Boy

~~ 'ported by Sanjee


Awwwwww :)

I was feelin kinda poopy the ofur day when I maded a comment on Kukka's blog that I gotta get a boyfriend quick 'fore she gets them all. I mean, I know she's an Empress an all, and she deserves her tomcat stable. But I thought I'd kinda like maybe one boyfriend, yanno. So I was feelin kinda down.

Then I gots a marriage proposal from HRH Prince Brutus!
Awwwww :) Wasn't that furry sweet? I wuz furry honored! I haded to decline tho, cuz I'm almost 5 and he's still a kitten. Plus I don't fink cats are 'llowed to marry is what I heard, so I sented him a nice note. I thinks we can still be furriends tho. :) QM posted bout Cream Nip Tea in the Rose Garden, and that sounds fun!

~~ Sanjee
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty


Squillions Update

The rest of the litter of squillions are still here. Mom has to get more carriers before the squillions head out. She said she ordered them from the posty people and they should be here soon. (Free carriers is gooooooood!) Me and Mini have been havin fun with them. That's Mini hangin out with them in the pic above. Mom said they have to go to their new homes as soon as they all have carriers, though. Maybe we'll be able to telerport and visit them once they are at their new homes tho. I hope so!

~~ Boni
Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

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