Jul 13, 2006

Names and stuff

OOPS! I hite "Save as Draft" insteada "Publish". This shoulda gone out yesterday. Sorry!

Hey Meezers, Yes, they all have names. :)

There's MinMin, Hathi, Darkle, Naran, Theo, Trixie Too, Pitch, Daisy, Orinch, Bert, Buttercup and Sherbie. Most of them say they wouldn't mind if you wanted to call them something else. I guess their new name would be like a middle name or somefin.

Look what Mom got in the mail yesterday. An early purrthday card! And it has CATS on it. The friend of Mom and Grandma's who sent it is obviously a furry classly lady. *kitty nods*

And on the inside it says "Dahling, you don't look a day over four lives." *giggles*

How many lives do beans have? Mom says she must have squillions and she's used up at least half a squillion already. She must have put the bite on a lot of things and knocked over a bunch of other stuff and played in the road to use up that many lives.

Her purrthday is tomorrow. We have to figure out what to give her. *whispers* Maybe chocolate. She likes that lots and at least Mini won't eat that.

Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni


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