Jul 27, 2006

Indignities and Mooshies

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Yesterday was full of indignities for me! First Mom tricked me into getting into the carrier by putting Temptations in it. That was totally Unfair. She knows I adore Temptations treatsies, and she taked advantage. Bad, Mom, bad! I was so humiliated to get tricked. So I let her know by howling. I howled and moaned all the way on the ride in the noisy monster with wheels. Ha! That will teach Mom to trick me.

Then when we stopped, I discovered we were at the evil V-E-T!!! Ack. That mean man probed me and poked me and stuck things in my ears. Then he stabbed me. Twice! Not just one stab, but TWO stabs! And he pulled a buncha my fur out too. So what if it was matted? I didn't want it pulled out! *sigh* I was so stunned I forgot to howl on the way back. And when I got home I ran and hid under a bush.

I don't think I want any treats, Temptations or not. Too many undignified side effects lately. I think I'll telerport over to see my best friend Mistrie and hide there.

~~ Gree


Awwww I just discovered that my Tuxie Gangster Edsel wrote me a song! Aw, I'm blushin. Edsel's such a good Tuxie Gangster. :) :)

~~ Boni
Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

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