Jul 25, 2006

Hide Quick!

Hide! Quick quick! Unner the sofa! Or maybe in de back of de closet! Mommy's gone wild! Yes, those thingies flyin round are printer bits! Don't get caught in the way or your bits might fly too! Hide de hammers too! An get the cotton for yer sensitive ears too. There's lotsa yellin bout "betrayin" and "breakin" and "just at de wrong time" and "can't you efun purrint de labels". I finks de printer was furry furry bad. But I'm hidin so I can't check fer sure. I don wanna know bad enuff to get out there! I'll wait til Mommy's got ofur it! You hide too!
~~ Sanjee (but I's hidin so I's invissyble)
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty


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~~ Boni (I'm hidin too)

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