Jul 10, 2006

Green Wall Shelter Kitties, Ears n Such

Green Wall Shelter Kitties

We hearded that some cats still wanna dopt Green Wall Shelter kitties, like the Poiland Gang who's doptin Pinky. So we maded Mommy go to the shelter and see if there were any more that needed homes. She founded some kitties to rescue and 2 of them already gots homes.

Sable is being 'dopted by Beau

Fraxy is being 'dopted by Brandi

Seville is still lookin for a home, though.
Seville is a furry nice ginger boy cat. Do you wanna dopt Seville? He's named after Seville oranges (or orinches, as Buddy would say.)

Mom's workin on gettin carriers for the kitties long trips to their new homes. She says she finks she can find them and they can go to their new furrever homes this week. Yay!

~~ Sanjee
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Ears and Nose

Fanks everycat for the nice things you said bout my icky ears and nose. I don't like the anty-bio-ticks at all. But I do get yummy treats for takin them. My ears and nose are startin to feel better. They don't itch now and they're not bleedin at all. They're not furry purty yet cuz they gots scabs but they're lots better. Mom and Grandma are takin good care of this poodin.

~~ Pepi


Crazy Grandma

Grandma moved all the livin room furniture eifur into her office or up gainst the wall! Then for two days she's been runnin around with the noisy steamy monster and the noisy sucking monster. We can tell she's went nuts. I ofurheard her tellin Mom she was gonna put the stuff back in the livin room. So maybe she's gettin over it. I sure hope so cuz I can't get to my basket by the window. I want my nappin spot back. And I get furry worried bout Grandma when she's nuts.

~~ Boni
Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

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