Jul 15, 2006

Fanks for a Happy Purrthday

Mom Robyn here. I'm heading out in the morning after I snooze a couple of hours, but I wanted to say

"Fanks" for a Happy "Purrthday"

I got a ton of grins and laughs for my purrthday from the Cat Blogosphere catizens and human types, and even a bunny or two. :) It was great!

Some "purrthday" goodies that were particularly special.
  • Such an adorable card from my fur kids. :) :)
  • ALL the fostered Squillions got adopted. Woo hoo! That was really so much fun as I checked in on and off during the day. Perhaps I'm easily amused, but it felt really good. I do agree with the comment made by Scooby, Shaggy and Scout's Mom, though -- I wish I could do this with fur kitties as well as 'ramic kitties.
  • I got happy purrthday wishes from an Empress, a famous reality show star, a Princess, the Smiley Guy who discovered that the Green Wall Shelter had kitties for adoptions, an entire Ogliarchy of felines, a Southern Gentlecat, an intrepid hero, a fella who likes ham as much as I do and his family, furry friends in Minnesota, an Attack Tabby, a trio of all black cats, new friends who adopted a foster, the hostesses of the 2006 Cat Olympics, and even a sweet purrthday wish from a self-avowed Grump, plus their humans! No one else I know can lay claim to such special purrthday wishes.
  • I got sung a special purrthday song by Victorthat's normally reserved just for kitties!
  • GigoloKitty came back to share his latest Giggy Bond adventure just for my purrthday! Giggy always makes me grin and laugh and it was very sweet of him to start posting again for me as a purrthday present.
  • My purrthday, and I a mere human, made it into the cat news in Rascal's World!
  • Fiona made her goal for the AIDS hop. Oh that was a warm fuzzy feeling. It speaks wonderful words about our fuzzy friends and the good things they do. I got all teary eyed with happy tears over it.
  • I found out that I share a birthday with Guan Yin (Kuan Yin), the Goddess of Mercy, this year. (Apparently she uses a lunar calendar, which seems cool to me, but I at least make a gesture at using a solar calendar.)
  • And oh so much more, from our fluffy friends and my bean friends and family. But if I don't get to bed I'll be snoring at the jewelry show. LOL
"Fanks" again, yall!
~~ Mom Robyn
Mom Robyn

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