Jul 8, 2006

Big Days

Yesterday... um Thursday Mom says since it's after midnight... I gotted to go visit Meeko and Kiara! I'd nefur telerported to Colorado afore, just readed bout it on their blog and on Zeus' blog when he wented there. We had a super fun time! We played a lil and they showed me around and we ate crunchies and stinky goodness and had naps. Thanks for havin me Meeko and Kiara!

Today, well Friday, Me and Boni and Mini had a big day together. Zeus came and visited! It was lotsa fun to meet Zeus and we all had a good time visitin places round Furrginia. He wroted lots about it on his blog. We efun got Mommy a purresent for drivin us round. Zeus is a fun explorer and famous now too. *whispers* And he's also furry handsome. Thanks for comin to visit Zeus!

I've had such big days and so many kindsa fun that I need bout 59 naps. I hopes I can get 59 naps in today.
~~ Sanjee for me and Mini and Boni
Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

I had a big day Fursday too. But not a fun one like Sanjee and Mini and Boni. Like I heard, I had to go to the V-E-T and get shot. Again. *sigh* If that won't bad enough, the V-E-T sent home anty-bio-ticks for me to take. I sure hope all this torture helps my ears and my nose. If not, somebody's gonna pay.

Yall were all furry nice about my ears and nose, so I'll let Mom put up pictures. She promised to put up all healed up pictures too after they get better. She better do it.

See? My nose and ears are icky. They are all itchy and hurt. I hope they heal up real fast since I had to get tortured at the V-E-T place and the anty-bio-ticks. The V-E-T says it's cause of allergies to bugs. I am definitely putting the bite on every bug I see from now on.

The only good thing was me and Gree got extra treats. Mom said I deserved them cuz I was "well behaved" at the V-E-T. Of course I was well behaved. That man has stabby things and pokey things and he might stab me in half or something if I don't behave!

The treats were yummy.

~~ Pepi


Look what the girls got me as a souvenir of their travels with Zeus.
A Shirt of Many Zeuses!

Funnily enough, they got me mega-xl because they said I'm so big. (I guess I *am* big compared to them. LOL) I think it will be a Nightshirt of Many Zeuses, or perhaps a Dress of Many Zeuses. It will surely make me grin every time I put it on, regardless. Thanks girls. And thanks Zeus. And thanks to all you blogging cats that make me smile and laugh so much.

~~ Robyn, the hopefully not too Mean Ole Mom

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