Jul 12, 2006

All the news fit to blog

Sanjee's been a blog hog, so I'm takin over. *giggles*

I am telerporting over with a bunch of furriends to see my Tuxie Gangster Edsel! I'm takin him a cool gangster hat. Mom helped me fix this picture so everyone can see how cute he'll look in it. :) :) Isn't he handsome? :) :)

Mom has promised she'll go find carriers today for the Green Wall Shelter kitties if the crick don't rise. I'm not sure what a crick is, but I hope it don't rise. The kitties are anxious to go to their new homes. UPDATE: The crick (whatever it is) did not rise! Mom found carriers! Yay!

Mini's tummy has been feeling icky again. She says that IBS stands for "I Barf Some". Maybe she's right. She does. We hope she feels better soon. I think Grandma going Crazy upset Mini a lot. Another good reason for Grandma to leave the living room alone! I mean, look what happens to poor Mini when she has to take a pill for her tummy upsets. That alone is enough to make you barf! Send Mini purrs and purrayers please, so she doesn't mess up the living room carpet and make Grandma go crazy again.

Sanjee is in her room pouting cuz I took over the blog for now. She's kinda cute when she pouts, but don't tell her I said that.

Gree reports that it's very hot and muggy outside. It must be. I've seen her through the window with Pepi. They just lay on the porch in the shade. I worried one time they'd croaked and made Mom go out and check. They got up for treats though. Phew! Pepi's ears are looking better and better, too. Yay!

And last but not least, we got Kukka a purresent for her blogiversary. In spite of her weird post. (Doesn't she have the funniest sense of humor? *giggles*) Happy Blogiversary, Kukka.

~~ Boni
Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

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