Jun 15, 2006

Welcome to Hot(M)BC

The House of the (Mostly) Black Cats, Hot(M)BC, was founded by Chloe, our Hero Cat who put up with MOM and Grandma Cat admirably for 18 years. Everyone raise their bag of Temptations or Catnip in a toast to the Lady Cat who got all this started when MOM was just a young, silly college student.

::Start Mean Ole Mom Announcement --
Mean Ole Mom (that's me) has decreed:
MOM's hands are wearing out from typing for me, my business, and all of the Cats. Until the Feline residents of the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats acquire one or more of the following - typing skills, new typist, brain to blog typing capability - we are all going to blog in one place, using one login. So I've opened up a blog for the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats aka Hot(M)BC to the public so everyone can blog and have fun. Complaints are to be typewritten in triplicate (and no, I won't type them for you), on this handy 1 inch by 1 inch complaint form. I will help you keep up Catnip Anonymous and the Cat Blogosphere blogs to help out other kitties, as long as my benevolence is not abused.
-- End Mean Ole Mom Announcement::

Current Kitty Residents of the Hot(M)BC (see photos above) are Sanjee, the Queen Bee Kitty; Boni Maroni, Tuxedo Gun Moll; Mini the Moocher; Gree the Outside Sisfur; Pepi the Outside Brofur. Sanjee and Boni have previously had blogs that are still available for historical and archival viewing. Mini previously used MOM's blog, which is also available for historical purposes.

Current Cat Staff of the Hot(M)BC are Mom (aka Mean Ole Mom or MOM), Grandma Cat.

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