Jun 26, 2006

Visiting Mistrie, Helping Grandma

Visiting With Mistrie

I had LOTS of fun visiting Mistrie. She's such a furry nice furriend. :) We did lotsa things, even tho it was furry hot. That was a good excuse to take extra naps tho. We napped and climbed the climbing tree and checked out the best mouse hunting ground and all kindsa stuff. The climbing tree is super cool now with all those cat names and initials from the 'Lympics carved into it.

I telerported over there all safe. Mistrie was waiting for me, but I sorta sneaked up behind her.

Here we are lookin for the fishies in the pond.

I saw fishies! Real live not dead ones! I've nefur seen a real live not dead fishie before.

Mistrie showed me where the stinky goodness was. Her Mom put out extra cuz I was visiting. That was so nice of her. Me and Mistrie had lotsa outside girl kitty things to talk about, so I slept over. I nefur had a sleep ofur with a friend before! Mistries Mom says that if we wore pajamas it woulda been a pajama party. Why would we wear pajamas? We have purrfectly wonderful fur. Even nice beans are funny sometimes.

I camed home this afternoon. I didn't wanna leave my bestest friend Mistrie, but it was good to come home too. Pepi was furry glad to see me. I was glad to see him too. He's my brofur buddy, and we looks out for each other.

Thank yall for inviting me Mistrie and Mom Toni! I hopes you can come visit us sometime Mistrie! I'll show you all the neat stuff here and Mom will make sure she has stinky goodness for you, she said. Or I'll share my crunchies and treatsies. And maybe our ofur bestest furriend Mia can come too!
~~ Gree


Helping Grandma Get Ready

I've been helpin Grandma get ready for her heart thingy tomorrow. Since she don't know if she'll get to come home tomorry night, I gave her lessons on napping anywhere. And I loaned her one of my mousies in case she gets bored. See?

Grandma said to tell yall thank yous furry much for the purrayers and good wishes. She said she's sure she'll be fine tomorry, wif all those purrayers and now that she has a mousie to take wif her. :)

I hopes she can come home tomorry night. I like to sleep on her feet. Maybe Mommy will let me sleep on her feet if Grandma has to have a pajama party at the hospital.

I gotta go now and sleep on Grandma's feet.
~~ Sanjee
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

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