Jun 18, 2006

Thanks for Fun Catolympics!

Thanks lots and lots to all the cats and beans who putted together the 2006 Catolympics! We hadded lots of fun! Specially thanks to Beau's Mom and Beau for settin it all up and Mom Toni and the Calico Girls for hostin it. And Mia and Ghost and Brendan for judgin cuz that's a real tough job. Oh and just efurrycat and efurrybean who helped!

I thinks Chatham should get a special award too for best dressed announcer. Mommy helped me cut out the AP (Associated Pussycat) photo from the Times. See? You'd never guess he 's a day over 8, but he just had his 19th purrthday!I woulda thought GK would be the best dressed announcer, considerin, but Chatham outdid himself!

And lookie! I wonned a medal! I wonned Bronze for Fittin in Small Boxes. Can you believe that?!?! Whoda believed a kitty as big as me *whispers Mommy says I'm 20 lbs* could win anything but the booby prize for fittin in a small box! But lookie, here's me wearing my medal after I gots home! I'm gonna get Mommy to put my medal on the side part of the blog cuz I'm so purroud.
I didn't winned at Tub Soccer but I'm real purroud cuz another girl cat got gold, my furriend Patches! Go girls!!! Woo hoo! I just knew that a girl kitty would win at Tub Soccer. :)

Boni gotted a Honorable Mention in Litter Throw. She was all surpurrised and pleased. Cuz see, she'd forgotted she'd signed up and she didn't even purractice! Can you imagine?!?! So you can see why Boni's all happy she made a good show. Boni had a great time getting to know Trixie too! Here's Boni and Trixie sitting outside the Catolympics Hotel watching the efurrycat get ready. From there they wented up to the stands to watch the competitions, long with lots of other cat furriends.

And Boni's Tuxedo Gangster Edsel even sneaked in all quiet to get two medals! We all thought he was too busy nursing his Mommy to be there, but he telerported over just for his events. Boni is furry proud of him.

Mini didn't do any events. She's too lazy and just likes to eat. But boy can she eat! Mini says thank you for all the wonnerful yummy foods! She's still lickin her lips thinkin bout it.We all hadded lots and lots of fun. :) Fank yous all lotses!


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