Jun 25, 2006

Pepi's Sunday Updates

Gree has gone to visit Mistrie today. I bet she's havin fun. I am too. I got extra treats. I love the crunchy treats in the blue can. (Note from the Mom lady: Pounce Carribbean Catch Crunchy Style) They're easier to catch than birds too.

The nice neighbor guy named Jim came by the yard today and asked if the Grandma and the Mom lady would feed his kitty Oliver while him and his family's on vacation. A'course, they loves kitties, so they said yes. The funny thing is Oliver is the used-to-be-stray cat that bit the Grandma back Febmewary. The nice neighbor guy Jim rescued Oliver from the animal control beans after the control freaks watched him enough to make sure he didn't got rabies. He brought Oliver back from the animal control beans, and now Oliver owns Jim and his family. He doesn't bite now tho since he had his hoo-ha-ectomy and got stabbed at the V-E-T. Oliver that is. I dunno if Jim had a hoo-ha-ectomy since he wears pangs and the Mom lady told me it would be rude to ask Jim that. It started to rain on us while Jim was talking to my beans. The beans went in the house and Jim went home. I went into our Igloo and sat so I could watch the world from inside the flap. Our igloo is under soem bushes now, so it's a cool and safe hideyspot. Oliver better not think he can just use our igloo just a'cause the Grandma and the Mom lady feed him when Jim's on vacation.
~~ Pepi

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