Jun 30, 2006

Lotsa Stuff

Gee, lotsa stuff's been happenin while our cable thingy was going weirdy!

First, Grandma's ok!!! She didn't have to have no straws put in her veins or nothin! The lucky mousie worked!!! She hadded it in her pocketsbook. :) She just had to take it easy after the test so's the lil hole they made would heal up. Somefin about arteries. I don't understand it all, cept that I'm FURRY HAPPY that Grandma is ok. :) AND she got to come home so's I could sleep on her feet. Yay! Thank you Oreo for lettin folks know Grandma was ok when we couldn't cuz of the weirdy cable thingy.

Second, this furry furry nice bean named Malcolm rescued a lil baby kitty out of the street that had been hit by a car!!! Hit and run! Other beans just walked by, but he was so nice he stopped and rescued the kitty. It maded Mommy cry when she heard, cuz he was so nice when other beans were bein so mean. The lil baby kitty doesn't got a name yet, so they're havin a kitty name contest you can enter over at his blog. But poor lil "No Name Yet" had to have big surgeries to fix her broked up leg. The xrays of it are skeery!!! Poor kitty. Malcolm's not rich neither, so he's asked for help with the vet bill. So please give him a couple bux for the kitty V-E-T bill if you can. Every penny helps! "No Name Yet" is furry cute, and she's a TUXIE!!! Come on gang, we gotta help our fella tuxies out yanno. Well, any fella kitties, really, cuz gingers and callyco's and black cats and white cats and all color cats are special too. But it's so cool she's a tuxie. :) You can see her piktures on their blog, and read bout the whole story too. :)

Third, I finks Mommy needs tranquilizers. She is not a happy bean when her internet thingy don't work. I don't like it much either cuz I can't blog. But I just naps til it works again. hehehe Mommy needs med-i-ka-shun, tho, maybe. Maybe not since it's workin now. I hopes it stays workin!
~~ Sanjee
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Serves Mom right. That's what she gets for puttin that stinky stuff on me. I might let her pet me again next week. If she's REALLY nice. And if she gives me tuna.
~~ Gree


I think Gree is being a silly girl. I hate fleas more than I hate the stinky tube.

We're furry glad that "No Name Yet" got rescued and got a bionic leg thingy to fix her broken leg. Come on gang, let's give this Malcolm guy a 5 tail salute!
*5 tails salutin in the air*
~~ Mini and Boni

PS. I groomed Boni today. Mom almost fainted when she saw it. hahaha! ~~ Mini
Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

A Note from the Mom
I am still sitting here with tears leaking down my face. I'm just bowled over. One guy stopped to rescue one little kitten, and look what's happened. The kitty has a new lease on life. I'm seeing living, moving and shaking proof that people can, even in this world today, be so good. Not just Malcolm, but all the people who have been donating so that this one little cat can have a chance at life. Just when I feel ready to throw in the towel and give up on the human race, something so good comes along. Thank you.
~~ Robyn aka MoM

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