Jun 23, 2006

Cationary, Cat Links and Stuff

Cationary Part I is ready and it's posted over at the Cat Blogosphere!
Whew! Writing a cationary is a lot of work, even tho all the blogging cats helped by saying what their favorite cat words were back in April. I'm purrty sure I didn't get all the catonese words though, so if you have more cat words please email me them. You can get our email here at the very top of the page.
I'm gonna add lots more stuff, like who discovered or defined the words and whatnot. But that'll take more time, so it'll be a lil later.
~~ Boni

We also gots link stuff for yas. If you use blogrolling.com and want a copy of the blogging cats links OPML, just email us at the email like Boni said and we'll send them to you. We gots OPML for each of the sections of links we gots here at Hot(M)BC or we can make up one wif all of them for you. OPML is a thingy where you can import into blogrolling.com. It's in beta (wonder where alpha went?) but you can try it if you wanna. We also got most of them in blogger format for you if you want 'em that way so you can paste 'em right into your template. Oh oh! And thanks lots to Oreo for sharin his links! That was furry nice of him.
~~ Sanjee

Our pets picked their names. Fanks for yalls help.
My pet is Onyx, Boni's (the gray tabby) is Mac, and Sanjee's is Pinky. Pinky wants to see Poiland, so she may go see Shadow, Merlin and Ko-ko and live there. Sanjee said that's ok and we'll share Onyx and Mac wif her. We'll let you know if Pinky gets to go on an adventure to Poiland.
~~ Mini

I heard a mean rumor that I got to go to the V-E-T later today. I hope it's just a rumor. I don't like that guy.
~~ Pepi

If Pepi has to go there, can I have his share of treats?
~~ Gree

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