Jun 16, 2006


Mini here.
I don't feel so good. My tummy is all icky feeling. Mom's put me in the box two times now and took me to the V-E-T. I don't think I like him too much. He pokes me and stuff. He says I have IBS. Well I don't want IBS! How do I get rid of it Mr. V-E-T? He said to eat this special food. OK, Mom putted it in the bowl, so I'm eatin it. My tummy still feels icky. He said to take pills. YUKKK! Mom keeps putting them in my mouth (and holding my mouth shut til I swallow), so I'm takin them. And my tummy still feels icky sometimes. Mom said she'd call him again today to see if he can help. I heard her mutter somethin about barfin on the rugs and Grandma not likin it too much. Geez, silly beans. I don't like it much neither!
~~ Mini (I am not a moocher! Nuh huh!)

PS Sanjee's so excited bout the Catolympics ceremony thing tonight that I'm surprised she don't barf on the rug too.


Patches & Mittens said...

You better get all better..its lympic time!!

Momma has added your new linky! She like your new blog too!

Patches Lady

Mia and Ghost said...

Hi, Mini... we are sorry your tummy is icky. We hope you feel better soon.

The Meezers said...

we likes you new blog! We're sorry your tummy feels so icky Mini!

Sanjee, I won't fight wif you if I play you in tub soccer! - Miles

Judith said...

We hope you feel better soon.

We like your new blog too.

Velvet, Arty and mom.

Wm. said...

Make your mom feed you baby food. It's yummy all the time, not just when you're not feeling well.

Feline Oligarchy said...

Hope your tummy feels better soon. We had just started reading your other blogs but like your new one too! -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie

Hot(M)BC said...

Thanks efurrycat. My tummy is all ok now. Thanks lots for all your get better wishes. I like the babyfood idea tho.

~~ Mini